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A unique combination of Pilates & Yoga

Piloga Fitness offers virtual Piloga classes & online courses accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Piloga is a unique blend of Pilates & Yoga offering you the perfect workout. It will improve your strength, fitness, flexibility and postural alignment while creating a leaner you!

About Piloga

Piloga is a unique combination of Pilates & Yoga. It combines the best attributes of both, focusing on the core strength elements of Pilates and the flexibility and mindfulness of Yoga. Piloga will tone, strengthen and lengthen muscles to give improved flexibility and mobility and a leaner more streamlined body. It targets the deep core muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment. It improves posture and can help reduce back pain. It is a great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension.

“I have been attending Karen’s pilates classes for seven years. She is an inspiring and thoughtful teacher, with a natural ability to communicate with a class of varying ages and capabilities. I continue to enjoy her sessions very much.”

– Sue Edwards, Paignton –

“Karen’s tone and approach to teaching provides a great experience for every member of the class. Her directions are clear, she encourages and gives individual attention to each member during the exercises. She manages the class at a pace that suits varied levels of experience and ability and creates a relaxed and supportive environment. I always feel better after the class than when I started! She says, ‘Do what you can and rest when you need’ and we do….there is no competition. Never boring – there are always new challenges!”

– Jackie Jardine, Kingsbridge –

“Love the combination of stretches and toning exercises. I am so much more flexible…and taller! Friends noticed an improvement in my posture after just a few months. After classes I always feel relaxed and more clear headed. When I overdo the gardening my lower back recovers faster My upper body is stronger. Pilates tones – taking off inches. There is such a sense of accomplishment when you make progress.”

– Jackie Jardine, Kingsbridge –

“Having attended Karen’s classes for three years I can’t believe the change in my mobility, strength and flexibility.  Karen immediately puts you at ease and makes her class informative and enjoyable whist tailoring to individuals.  Her calming voice and peaceful meditations are easy to follow and have a most desirable effect before and at the end of some of her classes.  I am so grateful and pleased I came across Karen with her unique talent for inspiration and encouragement.”

– Marian Boultbee Brooks, Kingsbridge –

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The beauty of my virtual classes and online courses is that you can practice in the comfort of your own home, on holiday or anywhere you choose to be. No traveling, no hassle trying to find parking. Just unroll your mat and go.

It’s so versatile, flexible and easy.