Times are uncertain, unsettling and challenging. I believe now is not the time for blaming and shaming or turning against your neighbour. I believe that now is the time to spread joy, love and peace; To reach out to your neighbour and offer kindness and support.

Everybody is dealing with the current situation in their own way and none of us can know what others are going through.

Just remember that nothing lasts forever, change is inevitable and, “This too shall pass.”

When I was young and about to embark on an adventure around the world and my mum gave me a little wish card. My mum now has dementia and is in a home and I can not see her because of lock down, but I have carried this card with me wherever I go and I know my mum is always with me in my heart and this wish always brings me solace.

When you are lonely

I wish you love

When you’re down

I wish you Joy

When you are troubled 

I wish you peace

When things are complicated

I wish you simply beauty

When things are chaotic

I wish you inner silence

When things look empty

I wish you hope