Continuing on from last week’s breathing exercise, I invite you to try The Breath Of Fire.

I love this breathing technique, although it is quite intense and can make you a little dizzy. If this happens, take a moment to breath normally for a while and then resume if you feel able.

The Breath Of Fire is a rapid breathing to enable detoxification. Its name comes from the purifying heat generated in the nostrils. It is also a great way to tone your abdominal muscles.


Sit tall, preferably cross legged on the floor or on a chair if necessary. Relax your shoulders. Place your hands on your knees. 

Breath rapidly in and out through both nostrils with emphasis on the out breath. Like reverse sniffing. On each out breath pull your belly button towards your spine and on each in breath release it.

When you first start, aim for just 30 seconds building up to 5 minutes.

Like I said earlier, if it makes you feel dizzy or uncomfortable or if you loose the rhythm, just stop, take a few normal breaths and resume if you can.