Wouldn’t it be great if we could cure the world of back pain. Well I believe that we can.

Realigning your posture and strengthening your core muscles is definitely the way forward.

As a teacher of Pilates and Yoga I come across many people who have poor posture especially when standing. So many people lock their knees, which locks the hips into a backward tilt, which in turn flattens the lower back, squeezes the lower vertebrae together and causes back pain. This often goes hand in hand with the bottom tucked in, feet turning out and the head jutting forwards.

If in correct postural alignment: The knees are softened, the hips are relaxed, the pelvis is neutral with the bottom slightly sticking out and the lumber spine has a slight curve inwards. See diagram below. 

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To get into this position, I advise people to stand up straight, then bend their knees and stick their bottom out behind them as if they were sitting back in a chair. Then gradually lift back up without locking the knees or hips and keeping the bottom slightly sticking out. Make sure that the feet are parallel with the toes facing forwards.

As well as considering the lower half of the body, think about drawing the shoulders back without lifting the chest and bring the head back so that the ears are in line with the shoulders.

Working on your core strength will help you to maintain correct posture and I guarantee will ease, if not cure your back pain.

Why not join one of my Piloga classes to not only develop core strength, but also to help realign your posture and increase flexibility and mobility.

Piloga is a combination of Pilates and yoga designed especially for strength and flexibility.

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