Sun Salutations are the corner stone of many Yoga workouts and a great way to stretch your body first thing in the morning. So, whatever the weather outside, before you jump in to the shower take a few minutes to salute to the sun.

There are many variations on the Sun Salutation. This is my version:

Co-ordinate your breathing with each movement, starting on an in breath as you lift your arms.

To begin:

Stand in neutral position with your feet hip distance apart and your head up tall and straight.

Lift arms overhead, palms together and look up.

Bend forward from your hips placing your hands in front of your feet.

Step back with your right leg, bring your right knee to the floor and release your toes .

Stretch your body up lifting your arms overhead.

Tuck your right toes under, lift your knee and step back with your left leg in to plank (Bring your knees to the floor if full plank is too challenging for you).

Tuck your elbows in and lower your body to the floor. Keep the plank position all the way down.

Bring your arms forward so that your elbows are in line with your chest, hands flat to the floor. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles as you lift your upper body (bending backwards).

Place your hands back in line with your chest and push back in to plank and then lift your hips coming in to Down Dog position (see picture). Hold for a couple of breaths.

Step forward with your right leg, bring your left knee to the floor and release your toes.

Stretch your body up lifting your arms overhead.

Tuck your left toes under and lift your left knee. Step your left foot in line with your right.

Unfold from your hips lifting your arms overhead and finish by releasing your arms down by your side.

Repeat leading with the left leg.

You can follow me doing sun salutations on my Piloga DVDs on the freebies page of my website here. You will need to sign up to receive your password to view the freebies.