Most of us like a nice big bowl of pasta, a lovely fried rice dish or a warming hearty bowl of stew with lots of potatoes, especially in this weather, we crave comfort food.

Well, all of the above come with a health warning and have had a lot of bad press. The main reason we are told to avoid starchy carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes) is because they are high on the glycemic index. This means that they get broken down in your gut and then absorbed as simple sugars, releasing sugar in to the blood quickly, which in turn raises the blood sugar levels quickly, giving you an energy high.

In response to a surge in blood glucose our bodies produce a rush of the hormone insulin to get your blood glucose back down to normal as swiftly as possible, because persistently high levels of glucose in the blood are extremely unhealthy.

A rapid rise in blood glucose, followed by a rapid fall, can often make you feel hungry again quite soon after a meal.

However, science has revealed that if you cook your starchy carbs and then refrigerate them and reheat them, it changes the molecular structure, making them react more like a fibre in the body and therefore making them a more healthy option.

According to scientist Dr Denise Robertson, from the University of Surrey, if you cook and cool pasta down then your body will treat it much more like fibre, creating a smaller glucose peak and helping feed the good bacteria that reside down in your gut. You will also absorb fewer calories, making this a win-win situation.