Read what participants are saying

“I have been attending Karen’s pilates classes for seven years. She is an inspiring and thoughtful teacher, with a natural ability to communicate with a class of varying ages and capabilities. I continue to enjoy her sessions very much.”

– Sue Edwards, Paignton –

“Karen’s tone and approach to teaching provides a great experience for every member of the class. Her directions are clear, she encourages and gives individual attention to each member during the exercises. She manages the class at a pace that suits varied levels of experience and ability and creates a relaxed and supportive environment. I always feel better after the class than when I started! She says, ‘Do what you can and rest when you need’ and we do….there is no competition. Never boring – there are always new challenges!”

– Jackie Jardine, Kingsbridge –

“Having attended Karen’s classes for three years I can’t believe the change in my mobility, strength and flexibility.  Karen immediately puts you at ease and makes her class informative and enjoyable whist tailoring to individuals.  Her calming voice and peaceful meditations are easy to follow and have a most desirable effect before and at the end of some of her classes.  I am so grateful and pleased I came across Karen with her unique talent for inspiration and encouragement.”

– Marian Boultbee Brooks, Kingsbridge –

“I have been attending Karen’s classes for about six years now and was, like everyone, upset at having to give up Pilates during lockdown. Pilates has really helped my core strength and the back pain I used to suffer. When Karen started the virtual classes I was dubious at first not being in a live class but I was pleasantly surprised. I can book a few classes ahead and even book on the day! I can take part in the class in the comfort of my home and even wear my pyjamas. No going out if it’s raining and no hassle with parking. I enjoy the virtual classes and am signing up to do a Tuesday and Thursday. If you haven’t tried Karen’s virtual classes I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go!”

– Terena Cottell, Paignton –

“Love the combination of stretches and toning exercises. I am so much more flexible…and taller! Friends noticed an improvement in my posture after just a few months. After classes I always feel relaxed and more clear headed. When I overdo the gardening my lower back recovers faster My upper body is stronger. Pilates tones – taking off inches. There is such a sense of accomplishment when you make progress.”

– Jackie Jardine, Kingsbridge –

“These are such strange times, therefore I think it is important to take good care of oneself. A good diet, proper breathing exercises, appropriate body stretching exercises to maintain and contribute to ones wellbeing and ability to combat stress is of paramount importance. Due to the restrictions and the need to stay safe we need to adapt and thus try other ways to nourish ourselves. Pre COVID I was attending Karen McGinn’s Piloga classes once a week at the Hen House, Kingsbridge on a Tuesday but as this has no longer been an option I have been participating in a morning virtual class every week from the comfort of my own home. This has been an absolute life saver for me both physically and emotionally. Having the opportunity to tune in via Zoom and follow Karen’s professional guidance and participate in her unique combination of Pilates and Yoga has been wonderful.”

– Ruth Middleton, Kingsbridge –

“Piloga Fitness as taught by Karen McGinn Is a wonderful way to spend an hour for your health and well-being.Karen talks you through each of the moves and demonstrates them as she does so. Each class lasts for one hour which flies by when you are having such a good time exercising in this way and knowing that it is doing you such a lot of good. So why not treat yourself and join in with us? ”

– Rosemary Moser, Kingsbridge –

“I started Piloga Fitness with Karen over 7 years ago. Having suffered with lower back problems for many years. It was recommended by my Chiropractor and I haven’t looked back since. My posture is now really good, core strength is amazing and I am more supple now than when I was a lot younger. All with no back problems.Karen is a wonderful teacher and a real inspiration. Since Covid 19 and lock down, although we do not meet in the studio the online class is fantastic. It has the benefit of my weekly Piloga class but with no travel involved! And I am able to do other sessions from the website during the week if I feel in need of a little stretch and workout. Well done Karen for embracing the change of situation I would feel
lost without our weekly meetings ”

– Rachel Reeve, Kingsbridge –

“I’d been thinking of joining a Pilates class for a long time but never got round to it so when I found out about Karen’s online classes it seemed a great opportunity to try in the comfort of my own home… I loved it! Karen is a great teacher… she lets you take it at your own pace with different levels for various abilities … I look forward to my weekly sessions and feel so much better for doing the class!”

– Mel Walker, Aylesbury –

I recently started attending Karen’s on line Pilates classes during lockdown, and can so far say I am really enjoying them. I do find on line classes easier to fit in around my work, and Karen really is an excellent and inspirational instructor.  Each session is different and each time provides a great overall body work out with a balance of core strengthening and flexibility work. I can really feel where my body needs attention and holds tension, and feel that this form of exercise really helps in that. Afterwards I feel fantastically stretched out and in much better alignment. I also feel much fitter and less prone to injury and muscular aches and pains.  Karen puts a lot of emphasis on coordinating breathing in concert with movement, and I find this very helpful during the class to keep up the flow, energy levels and overall “feel good factor”. I really look forward to the classes and hope to increase to 2 classes weekly very soon.   

– Kate Rew, Bishopsteignton –