The other day I purchased a wonderful book. It winked at me as I walked past Waterstones and I had to go in and buy it.

It’s called, ‘The Comfort Book’ By Matt Haig. It’s not really a read from cover to cover book, although you could. It’s more of a dip in and out of type read. When I first bought it, I read quite a few pages. Now, every day I think of a number, the first number that pops into my head and I open the book to that page. I am amazed at the things that I read as they always seem to resinate with how I am feeling on that particular day and give me little pearls of wisdom to help me in some way.

I will share one of Matt’s insights with you now. Page number 42:

Purple Saxifrage

The hardiest plant in the world is the Purple Saxifrage. It has delicate looking flowers with purple petals that look as though they might blow away in the wind, yet it thrives in the Artic. The flowers survive by clustering together, low to the ground, offering each other shelter against the hardest conditions on earth.

I picked this page at random, it was the first number I thought of as I was typing. However, I feel this is very poignant for us all at this moment in time. We are stronger together. We need to stand side by side with our friends and neighbours with love and compassion in our hearts. This way we can weather any storm.

If you would like to have your own pearl of wisdom. Email me at with a number between 5 and 257 and I will share with you what is written on the page that you choose.